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2019 contestant Jaden Doak | 707-513-9040

Willits Frontier Days Rodeo is proud to announce that Jaden Doak will run for the title of Willits Frontier Days Sweetheart. Doak will try to sell as many tickets as possible, earning herself a percentage of the sales, and representing the rodeo life and cowboy way to her community. “I’m so excited to be running for Sweetheart,” said Doak. “I will be everywhere selling tickets and can’t wait to see you at the 4th of July events. I would sincerely appreciate your support.” Doak will be the sole contestant this year, following in the footsteps of solo contestant and winner, Lilah Garman, who ran in 2018 and holds the current title. While running unopposed might relax the motivation of some contestants, Doak hopes to follow in Garman’s footsteps with a hefty grand total, even if she’s the only one selling. Doak will have tickets available for all of the Fourth of July events including the Barbecue, Junior Rodeo, CCPRA rodeos, Lions Club Breakfast and Truck Pulls. Doak is selling tickets now through the end of June before the Sweetheart dinner, and can be reached at 707-513-9040.
PLEASE RESPECT THE CONTEST and allow Jaden to sell tickets herself. Willits Frontier Days will not allow online campaigning or encouragement of family or friends helping Jaden sell the tickets in any way. If you want to show your support for the contestant this year, please let anyone interested know that they can reach her directly at 707-513-9040. Thank you!
Photo by Maureen Moore / Willits Weekly

Originally printed in Willits Weekly - May 2, 2019. Do not reprint without permission.
What is a Sweetheart?

The role of Willits Frontier Days Sweetheart is coveted by all little ladies in the saddle who see the glamorous, tiara-clad annual winner make her way around the ring during her Sweetheart Run and Grand Entry.

Candidates for Frontier Days Sweetheart are responsible for helping create awareness of the Fourth of July events by selling tickets in the community. Those crowned Frontier Days Sweetheart help out in the arena every year, handing out awards, chasing cattle, riding in the parade and posing with winners for photos, as well as making appearances at other rodeos in the name of Willits Frontier Days.

Many families have a legacy of several generations of Sweetheart winners, and other Sweethearts blaze their own path to the coveted silver spurs and tiara given to the winner by the Soroptimist International Willits club, which helps put on the contest.

Contestants must compete in a poise and personality contest, demonstrate their mounted horsemanship skills, answer questions about rodeo and the equestrian lifestyle, and start selling event tickets in early summer. Ticket sales continue until the last minute before the Sweetheart Dinner where the winner is announced.

Ladies interested in running can contact Willits Frontier Days at 459-6330
Sweetheart Entry Form

Congratulations to the past winners

Congratulations to 2018 winner Lilah Garman
2018 winner Lilah Garman, left, poses with 2017 winner Hailey Riley

Congratulations to 2017 winner Hailey Riley
2017 winner Hailey Riley, left, poses with 2017 Willits Frontier Days President, Fred Barry, and 2017 runner-up Keely Ahders, right

Congratulations to 2016 winner Halee Reed
2016 runners-up Cheyenne Walters, Sierra Skinner and Caylan Knight pose with winner, Halee Reed, at right

Photos from Sweetheart Dinner. Visit gallery to purchase prints.